I have decided to start a new blog.

It is at http://teacherlifeblog.wordpress.com. Hope to see you there:)


Last full day at my old job

Tomorrow I start orientation and Professional Development at the school. Feeling very anxious to get started. No more 4:30 am wake ups. No more hour commute each way. No more wondering if I will have zero income next week if I am sick or my budget gets cut.

Making it mine

Got into the room this morning.  Still a couple of things to get worked on. There is paint overspray on the carpet and there is one table left to be repaired. The boards were not on the walls but they wanted me to tell them where to mount them and that has been taken care of now,

We have to have a University theme in each room and I chose Baylor University. I am dedicating a whole wall to it and had my kids trace some murals from a projected image this morning. We came back this evening and started the painting. It is now starting to feel like MY room 🙂


Perhaps I was too hopeful

The room was not completed. The grey paint was way too dark so we decided to paint white from about 3 feet up the wall right to the ceiling. They got it done today.

I work tomorrow so I will be in Saturday to start decorating. I so badly want to make this “my room”. It will be so cool to finally be a teacher.

By this time tomorrow I will be decorating my classroom

Big plans for this. Each class has to have a University theme. My wife and I are going to be putting up two murals of the schools logo. I also have a pennant, stuffed animal, and a poster from the school. more to follow.

Hoping to get class lists and other details. If not, my official start date is next Tuesday. That is a day and a half of orientation.

Getting closer

Thursday is an all day at the school. Room is scheduled to be done so we can start decorating. I have a morning meeting to plan for a leadership training. I have an 11 meeting for lesson planning. So close I can taste it.

More comfortable

Getting lots of info from my teaching coach. This is getting more comfortable for me. Cant wait till thursday when we have a professional development day!!

Oops, almost forgot about “my” school

I am still working on Geo and Bio chemistry courses. Quite frankly I had lost all interest and motivation. I have gotten 5 tasks in in the last 6 days and intend to get at least 5 more done this weekend.

I also signed up for a course through the American Museum of Natural History which WGU paid for. That is a 6 week course and we are in Week 4. I do have to take a road trip on Saturday to get some photos of unique rock formations in the state but my little one is coming with me so that will be a cool field trip.

Fitting in

I am in constant email with the instructional coach and I think we have settled on a basic layout for the Social Studies class. Will work on fleshing out the first unit and maybe some lesson plans soon. We have an all day meeting next Thursday to finalize the first 14 days of the school year.

I also am working with the founders to set up my room as a real science room. They had no idea you had to have eye wash stations, safety goggles (not glasses), and polystyrene gloves. Once I started explaining to them that we are using acids and oxidizers in several of the experiments and that I will not let the kids get near it without safety aides they just said give them a list and they will buy it.

Starting, very slowly, to feel like a teacher.