End of term break is over

New term starts Saturday. My Mentor is going to add the two science courses, one math course, and the critical thinking course to my AAP Saturday. Let the fun begin!!!


Where I am at

OK, all my Term 1 classes are done. My term ends on the 30th of this month and I could probably squeeze one more class in but task stream delays make me nervous about that.

I talked to my mentor last night and for the next term I am going to start with:

INT1, INC1 – Integrated Sciences
QLC1 – Algebra/Geometry
CLC1 – Reasoning and problem solving

That gives me 14 CUs which is what they want (greater than 12). I am going to start studying for the INC1 and CLC1 objective exams now and my hope is to take the pre-assessment for both of them on the first day of the next term and immediately schedule the proctored exams.

While waiting for those tests I will work on INT1. During that if there are any Task Stream delays I will work on the QLC1.

The next two classes I will add to the term once I get through most of the scheduled courses are QMC1 and QLT1. These are the other two college math courses. Completion of those will mark a milestone for me. That will be the last of the non teaching/social science courses.

I would LOVE to knock out all of that and have time left to start on the Social SCience courses, specifically AGO1, AGT1 (American Government) . The student AAP guide says that all the courses listed above should take 2 terms to complete and that means I will have shaved half a year (and 3 thousand dollars) off my degree. Who knows, I might even go further. The thought of 56 CU’s in a term is intoxicating since that would mean 4 terms worth in one term. A savings of 18 months and 9 grand. A high goal, but one must strive for the sky.

LCC1 Tomorrow

Lots of cramming. Man do I hate literature. There is no continuity in this subject. History, for example, builds upon itself. Science, builds upon itself. Heck even humanities was a series of events that counted on prior events to introduce new knowledge but Literature is a bunch of memorization. Odd that it is usually History that we think of that way.