Where I am at

OK, all my Term 1 classes are done. My term ends on the 30th of this month and I could probably squeeze one more class in but task stream delays make me nervous about that.

I talked to my mentor last night and for the next term I am going to start with:

INT1, INC1 – Integrated Sciences
QLC1 – Algebra/Geometry
CLC1 – Reasoning and problem solving

That gives me 14 CUs which is what they want (greater than 12). I am going to start studying for the INC1 and CLC1 objective exams now and my hope is to take the pre-assessment for both of them on the first day of the next term and immediately schedule the proctored exams.

While waiting for those tests I will work on INT1. During that if there are any Task Stream delays I will work on the QLC1.

The next two classes I will add to the term once I get through most of the scheduled courses are QMC1 and QLT1. These are the other two college math courses. Completion of those will mark a milestone for me. That will be the last of the non teaching/social science courses.

I would LOVE to knock out all of that and have time left to start on the Social SCience courses, specifically AGO1, AGT1 (American Government) . The student AAP guide says that all the courses listed above should take 2 terms to complete and that means I will have shaved half a year (and 3 thousand dollars) off my degree. Who knows, I might even go further. The thought of 56 CU’s in a term is intoxicating since that would mean 4 terms worth in one term. A savings of 18 months and 9 grand. A high goal, but one must strive for the sky.

LCC1 Tomorrow

Lots of cramming. Man do I hate literature. There is no continuity in this subject. History, for example, builds upon itself. Science, builds upon itself. Heck even humanities was a series of events that counted on prior events to introduce new knowledge but Literature is a bunch of memorization. Odd that it is usually History that we think of that way.